April 17, 2012
reach higher. [how apps will help you reach new heights]

Over 75 million iPhones have been sold worldwide and the term iPad is being used synonymously to describe all tablet devices. What do these statements mean for your brand exactly? Chances are, existing and potential customers are using iPhones and iPads. helium provides the service of developing apps for iPhones and iPads. The number of ideas and functions used for apps are practically limitless. The benefits of mobile device apps are unique to each brand. They provide a seamless, instant way of reaching out to your audience by literally putting your brand at their finger-tips.
For Levinson Jewelers, we are developing an app that allows users worldwide to now shop at the luxury jewelry store from their mobile device, ultimately propelling Levinson into becoming a global brand. The e-commerce tools helium created for their website will now be exponentially more effective and intuitive for the millions of mobile device users. The app poses to make Levinson’s products more accessible, resulting in increased sales and brand recognition.
Most recently the architecture firm PowersSchram proposed the challenge of creating a customized file sharing application for the iPad that would allow them to connect directly with their client base in order to upload renderings, plans, documents, relevant movies and images in order to stay up to date with the development of a project. helium designed and programmed this user friendly app with the intention to not only offer an organized and efficient backend system for PowersSchram to upload and manage content, but also create a front end interface that will keep clients well informed and current with the progression of projects as well as offer the ability to directly share content on social media platforms.  With the ability to easily share data and store client information, the PowersSchram app acts as an essential tool for the firm to offer leading service, innovation and convenience to their customer, ultimately furthering the value of their brand.

We created a truly unique app for the world-renowned pop-up book author Chuck Fischer. His books, titled “A Christmas Carol” and “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, were brought to life on the iPad. All of the colorful illustrations animate and move organically; something simply not possible in print form. The reader is truly immersed in these classic stories as they directly interact with the illustrations, tilting, touching and tapping characters and objects and seeing how they respond. For Chuck, mobile devices and Apps created a completely new way for people to experience his products.
Mobile device and App development are quickly becoming the standard for brand communication. As technology advances, mobile devices are taking the place of home computers. The ability to access information 24/7 from on the go creates an ideal scenario for marketing. For the first time, you can be in constant contact with your audience. Give us a call and we’ll discuss the many ways these services can be utilized to further your brand.