print design services

Yes, we know the world is getting more digital by the second. Yes, we appreciate paper is a precious resource. And yes, we are aware that the media landscape is so not 1994. We get all of that. You will still never hear us say that print is outdated. Ever.

The truth is, print pieces simply have to work harder and be smarter than they did in the past. A brochure can’t just be pictures and words folded into a booklet – it has to be an interactive journey. The feel of the paper or a gloss varnish or embossed logo is a tactile experience that engages the sense of touch in the way swiping and tapping a screen does not. The anticipation of opening an envelope creates a moment that primes an audience for the message inside. An artfully crafted package stands out on a store shelf and says “take me home” before a salesperson even utters a single word. 

CASANA Business Cards
Business Cards created for CASANA

That’s the benchmark we aim for when people come to us looking for collateral, business cards, POP displays, direct mail, and other print advertising and marketing materials. A piece that’s “not just another” anything, but rather, a piece that helps redefine what’s possible for print. In fairness, we have a lot of resources at our fingertips for making that happen. Amazing things are possible in the world of inks, coatings, and finishes these days… like glow in the dark, scratch-and-sniff, waterproof things. Paper keeps upping its game too with everything from re-printable paper, to paper that looks and feels like leather or plastic, to paper that can be used as furniture. Seriously. Then there are techniques for taking print pieces from flat to fantastic – 3D, Pop-Ups, unique folding designs – it’s truly fascinating how much print really can do. 

Brochure design
Brochure design for Akoya Boca West
Envelope and notecard
Envelope and notecard created for Katie Sandler, Impact Coach

So, while we agree that it’s very cool to explore the depths of digital design, the things that happen on screen are all limited by one thing – it always happens on a screen. Only print has the power to take countless shapes, sizes, colors, and textures that people can hold and keep, and that can’t be turned off. 

Collateral design services
Collateral design for ROK Hotel and Residence
Collateral design for Plant Intention
Collateral design for Plant Intention