Spring is in full bloom and the helium team had another great helium inspires art project with the kids at Croissant Park Elementary. The mission of our non-profit, helium inspires, is to promote and encourage art education in the classroom and beyond.
Inspired by the Spring season, we put together an art project for 40 second graders that involved recycled containers, soil, and seed planting.

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When we were thinking of art project ideas to present to the kiddos, we kept going back to using found materials. It was Amanda who found the inspiration of animal-shaped planters made out of re-used soda bottles and we knew that was it! Enid reached out to the school coordinator to see if the kids could save used bottles or cans and we were so happy to hear it would be easy for them to recycle their milk cartons from lunch.

Stocked with foam paper, pipe cleaners, pom poms, construction paper, oversized googly eyes, a bag of soil, and seed packets – we headed to the school with exciting anticipation.
After a brief intro into the benefits of expressing your artistic side, we let the kids know about the most important rule in art – THERE ARE NO RULES IN ART!
Time to get artsy!

The moment they’d all been waiting for arrived. Time to choose which flower seed packet they wanted, get their new artsy planter filled with soil, and then plant those seeds! Take a look at some of the creative planters these 2nd graders made:

It wouldn’t be a great morning without a silly face photo!

Reach out to us if you are interested in having helium inspires volunteer at your school or organization to bring art to kids. We are always looking for additional volunteers, sponsors, and donors! Contact us for more information and follow our adventures at heliuminspires.com!