When we opened this month’s HOW magazine, we were so excited to see an awesome feature of the brand development we did for DIRT, a health-food made fast restaurant in Miami Beach.
We are so proud of this project and it made us smile to see “Outstanding Achievement” recognition in one of our favorite design mags! We want to make sure you can read the feature so we typed it out nice + neat for you. 😉
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eat DIRT
The helium creative team was handed a tall order back in 2014: “We were approached by the founders of [a] restaurant concept to create a brand that would have a bold presence within a saturated marketplace of organic, locally grown foods in South Beach, [FL], “says art director Ryan Sirois. helium tackled everything from the naming process to the brand experience and identity, and DIRT officially launched in December of 2015. “We knew the concept would eventually grow to multiple locations, so we made sure to achieve a look and feel with broad appeal,” Sirois adds.
helium aimed to ahieve a clean, modern aesthetic that allows the ingredients and food to be showcased, keeping in line with DIRT’s mission for quality ingredients, love for great food and transparency. “We kept the overall brand black and white, stripped down and linear so the vibrant colors and textures of their food and juices became a prime communicator in their experience,” Sirois says.
The client was on board with both the name and the identity almost from the start. “Of course there is always concern or pushback when you present a name like DIRT for a restaurant,” Sirois says. “But it works.”
Sirois says the studio is most proud of the response DIRT has received from customers. The founder of DIRT says they approached their Year 1 sales projections within the first six months, and he attributes that largely to the brand.
“The brand police did a great job here,” says judge Scott Maney. “It’s not easy designing something this elegant, this smart, this fun, this cool and [being] this consistent. Somewhere along the line it inevitable drops a turd. DIRT is clean. I love everything about it.”
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Thanks so much for the feature HOW Magazine!!
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