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We were approached by the weight loss management program BioBalance5 with the opportunity to take charge of all their marketing, creative and web initiatives. We believed strongly in the product, which offers natural ingredients and medical foods to create total balance of the mind and body in order to achieve weight loss. We did not, however, believe that the name reflected the strength and unique approach of the overall system. We presented the name BalaFive, a complete program for “the balance of me”. Our goal was to develop a unique name that would stand out amongst competitors. We have since gone on to create their brand, responsive website, community website and program, mobile app and product packaging. This project is still developing, so check back as we continue to share the goods.



It was crucial for us to create a timeless, memorable brand that communicated the medical foundation of the product, but was not intimidating. We kept it minimal and clean, a strong mark that could work alone as well as play nicely with others. 


As we grew with BalaFive, we recognized how important is was for this program to be all encompassing. It could change lives and reach millions. We proposed a community where members of BalaFive could offer support and encouragement to each other.


This project is constantly growing. BalaFive is a true game changer and has proven helium can tackle any project with the dedication, creative vision and passion to make it a success.  We are fortunate to have the kind of relationship with our clients that allow for the ongoing growth and direction of a brand.

helium creative
helium creative

website + mobile

In order to support the BalaFive community, we proposed, concepted and developed myBalaFive. This custom socially driven support site is based on the idea of one member helping another. Custom encouragement badges were developed to share as members complete their goals, set milestones and grow with BalaFive. Chat forums, blogs, recipes, personal profiles, weight tracking, food logging are just a few of the components that make up this comprehensive system both online and on a mobile device. 

helium creative
helium creative
helium creative
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