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October 9, 2013
circles conference 2013


helium creative took a field trip to Dallas, Texas in September to attend the annual Circles Design Conference held in the historic Palace Theatre. This adventure introduced us to some awesome designers who offered insight that we just can’t get out of our heads. So, of course, we have to share our favorite speakers with you! Chris, Ryan, Luis and Sofia break down our top 4 and why. Check them out 🙂


Jeff Sheldon
As a fellow entrepreneurial, I connected with much of his discussion, namely: it’s in the details. Many may never even know they are there but all combine to create a unique, trusted, lasting brand.
In addition to these tips:
+ Do what you love
+ Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
+ Use what you make
+ Quality over quantity
Megan Gilger
Megan talked about building a career by following her passions, trusting her instincts and sharing her story. She loved to write, travel and design so she began a blog as an outlet to share her experiences. Her life and journey became an ongoing body of work. That passion project led to a successful and fulfilling career. Her motto: Live. Create. Tell The Story. Repeat.
Ben Jenkins
“What Matters!” was the topic that inspired me the most. Ben talked about how all you need to be happy and successful is the bare essentials; no glitz, no glamour. That if you see more things and stop overdoing,  you will “do beautiful things.”
Lotta Nieminen
What inspired me the most were the stories about her struggles in the beginning of her career, and the determination to overcome fear. Lotta’s dedication to reach goals and take chances inspired me to never fear the unknown and always keep trying, no matter how scared I am of failing. I love that she is a triple threat: a graphic designer, illustrator and art director.