One of our favorite areas of marketing deals with the conceptualizing and implementing of campaigns.   All areas of advertising are utilized for these projects, from the bare beginnings of design construction to social media, media buying and marketing.  We are able to utilize all of our resources and partnerships to deliver a product that is not only aesthetically strong but successful in that it effectively communicates the product and brand to a large audience.
Our most current campaign efforts have been for the landscape architecture, planning and urban design firm, EDSA.  They approached helium with the objective of creating a year-long direct mail and e-blast campaign that not only promoted the company, but increased brand awareness.  The initial requirements were to incorporate the 5 senses with original photographs taken by EDSA employees.
helium proposed the additional goal of enhancing the company’s social media presence by holding a photography contest that enticed the public to submit their own senses inspired photographs to the EDSA Facebook page.  Not only does this solution drive traffic to the page and increase their fan base, but also exceeds the goal of increasing brand awareness by widening their market to the online community.
helium went to bat, constructing an original design piece that utilized each of the 5 senses.  Abstracting images that best represented a corresponding sense, we juxtaposed each original EDSA photograph to further illustrate the message – paired with a verse that bridged the two images together.  The five direct mail pieces translated seamlessly into five additional interactive e-blasts, as well as an ad campaign for Urban Land magazine.
Through this campaign, helium and EDSA have formed a well established partnership for future endeavors.  The year-long marketing scheme will not only place EDSA at the top of their game, but also raise awareness of the brand and increase their online presence.