March 27, 2019
helium discusses hiring with Web Designer Magazine

With Summer just around the corner, many college students have started applying for internships at design studios all across the country. Many of them with similar questions:  What does it take to be a good candidate? What does an agency look for in my resume? What do I need to know?
We answered those questions [and many more] in an interview we did with Web Designer Magazine.  Take a look at this snippet where we talked about working here at helium.
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As a small agency choosing the right people to join their close-knit team is vital to get right. Christopher outlined their process for finding these rare individuals: “We always look for employees who are genuine. As a small, boutique studio personality is crucial. People who are leaders and can wear many hats, who have great values and ethics, who are conceptual thinkers and can look at the big picture are highly attractive to us.

“Talent is only a fraction of what makes someone a great fit. They have to be able to bring ideas to the table and understand how to communicate them to the team as well as the client; then have the capability to manage and execute those ideas into a viable and effective product. That’s the whole package. My best advice to anyone looking to step into the industry is to not try to impress, just be you. Be honest about your skillset and show an eagerness and willingness to learn.”

Ryan quickly interjects. “Know the basics! We get resumes all the time from designers, for example, who clearly do not understand design fundamentals. All I have to do is look at a resume or cover letter to know if someone is a right fit for our team or understands the basics. Show me you know how to layout a great resume focused on simple typography, hierarchy, readability. A well designed resume is like eye-candy. No frills. Just pure, simple, amazing layout composition. Show an agency that you get it.”

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