Last week, a few days before the monthly FATVillage ARTWALK, we announced that we have taken the amazing opportunity to purchase a building and will be moving our studio to the new space by Ft. Lauderdale Beach at the end of July. We’re looking forward to this new chapter but will of course miss being part of the vibrant FATVillage neighborhood and all those who make this community great.
Over the past three years we have always featured other artists in our studio for ARTWALK, but wanted to share OUR work as well as a bit about us during our final ARTWALK. The exhibit walked people through our branding process by first introducing who helium is, our services and the overall experience.
Our inspiration board was flushed out so people could see the different types of images we take inspiration from.
Sketch books were hung on the wall so people could flip through and see how our creative takes shape.IMG_3291_web IMG_3355_web
A gallery wall of 40 completed pieces from our portfolio featured logos, business cards, print ads, websites, designs for apparel and more. It was fun walking people through the exhibit, watching as they flipped through our sketch books as well as rewarding to see their reaction to our completed projects.
The final portion of the exhibit was a live chalk wall where people could leave a message that we can take with us on the next leg of our journey. Thanks for so many great memories FATVillage! 😉