As one of the most influential and important elements of design, the helium team loves to incorporate color into our work.  Color contributes an added psychological layer to a piece of work and must be chosen carefully due to its impactful nature. When delivering a product, color can subliminally dictate a subject’s reaction to its functionality or quality.
helium was proposed with the challenge to design this year’s 2011 Fall/Winter Catalog for Levinson Jewelers.  Color was cleverly used as a backdrop on each of the pages with the intention to evoke an emotional response from our viewer. The emotional and psychological effects of color are undeniable, and it is in the facets of color that the feeling produced has its strongest impact. Color conveys emotion, mood, feeling – on a cold day, we long for red hot flames of a freshly lit fire, in the summer the mere thought of that cool, bluish water in a pool is refreshing.  As designers, we play on the strengths of color to influence our work and the attention that it is given.
Our concept evolved from the idea that every piece of jewelry has a piece of personal history attached to it.  It is the one gift truly universal and timeless for all occasions.  Whether it be your great grandmothers wedding ring or a newly celebrated engagement. No matter the reason, the occasion or the sentiment, each piece of jewelry has a story; like an implied engraving that marks the memory attached to it for an eternity.
helium set out to take this bit of history and juxtapose it with strong, vivid color to either amplify the meaning or leave it open to the viewer’s interpretation. By incorporating the subtle use of typography, texture and a vibrant color palate that harmoniously marries it all together, a vignette of stories are ultimately told throughout the Levinson Jewelers 2011 Fall/Winter Catalog.