It is important to note first that the brand of a company is not only its visual appearance, but also the language, messaging, and essence of the company. It is not only the clothing or outward appearance that makes a person, it is the words they say, the actions they take, the morals and values they possess. The same goes for any brand. We have to ask who is the company, why do they exist, who is their market, what purpose does the company serve or problem do they solve? Most importantly, what is their unique position within the industry?IMG_5521Cohesion is crucial when communicating a brand. Every element plays a role in conveying the brand message. Whether a website design and development, business card, logo, mission statement, front desk greeting, envelope, proposal or presentation − the brand should be consistent across the board, not only for visual continuity, but also because it builds a subconscious trust with your client. They know who you are, your experience, and what to expect. Every piece of collateral, every word or material is a direct representation of the brand. 

The positioning statement defines what makes a business unique in the industry and marketplace. It is used primarily only for internal purposes so collectively the brand’s ‘niche’ or position is understood. Generally, the positioning statement is not shown to anyone outside of the company. This statement is the foundation for all additional messaging and materials. The basic structure of any positioning statement answers three questions: Who are we targeting? What does the company offer or problem do they solve? How does the company offer a unique vantage over competitors? In short, what foot is the brand leading with? What is the drumbeat they march to that is uniquely theirs?
The mission statement communicates the goal and passion of a company. It is a ‘romantic’ statement based off the positioning statement. In its essence, the mission statement addresses the WHY and WHO. Who is the company and why do they exist? What is their reason for being? Mission statements can vary. Some are more robust and factual, others are short and ethereal. Often times a mission statement is shared on a company website, expressed to clients, etc. It is not strictly an internal statement like the positioning.
The value statement is a hybrid of both the position and mission statements. This statement addresses what you stand for as a company, declaring the internal core values that form the backbone of the business. The value statement and list of core values work together to shape the spirit of a company, the internal drive, culture or beliefs. The value statement is generally used internally and not shared with anyone outside of the company.
Once the positioning, mission and value statements have been formed, the logo, colors, and imagery start to take shape. The brand can now get dressed. 😉
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