Let’s face it, this bunch of extremely creative + artistic people we call helium creative can be easily distracted. From song lyrics heard on our office radio, to people walking on the sidewalk outside our office windows or falling into the rabbit hole of the latest installment of “the most perfect Instagram account ever,” our attention is constantly diverted from one sparkly object to the next. To the outside world we might seem crazy, but lying underneath all the crazy distractions is inspiration and that’s what we feed off.
We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “inspiration is everywhere.” It’s not a cliché, it’s very, very true. Snoop on the Photos app of any creative person’s iPhone [yes, we all have iPhones] and you’ll find a jackpot of pics from our daily life that inspire us one way or another.
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Inspiration comes in a variety of ways, shapes, and forms and almost always comes when least expected. When you work in the creative field, you’re constantly using your trunk full of accumulated artistic knowledge. Mixing that typography you saw on a poster in a coffee shop with the geometric lines you saw on a building lit up at night, and giving it all a twist to make it unique and something you can call your creation. Before you know it, that trunk needs to be filled again and out into the world you go seeking new inspiration-filled distractions.
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There is a rare neurological condition called synesthesia in which two or more of the five senses cross paths in your brain and people can actually hear colors or taste letters. Many synesthetes who have been interviewed say they wouldn’t trade their medical condition for the world. The manner in which they experience their surroundings and daily interactions is beautifully heightened and, as creatives, we understand where they’re coming from. Being able to take in what you can capture through your 5 senses – to see beyond what simply meets the eye and hear the hidden meanings of a favorite song – and to turn that into a brand experience is exhilarating.
Our creativity is like a hungry little monster deep inside of us that needs to be fed constantly. And we’re happy to feed it. Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Behance, and Dribbble are our friends – endless sources of inspiration that leave us in awe of what can be done in the design and branding industry. However, it is important to remember to look in the most unexpected places for those treasures that turn into instant sparks of genius. You might call us hoarders, but we save baskets full of random magazine clippings, uniquely shaped leaves, and even empty candle jars in the hopes of sparking an idea for the next amazing design.
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Go explore, be distracted. Feed the monster. And tell us all about what you find @heliumcreative on Instagram or Facebook!