November 12, 2012
brand continuity

Cargo Furniture – Fort Lauderdale

Cargo, a South Florida based interior design store with locations in Fort Lauderdale and Miami recently approached helium creative to further develop and expand upon their brand.  After 10+ years of personally loving their international finds, we were honored to put our stamp on the Cargo name. In looking at their brand now both as a continued customer and partner, we knew there were areas that could be enhanced upon and focused on as key components for future marketing material. Cargo is a perfect testament to the role relationships play in successful marketing. A trusted brand is hard to break, however a solely sales driven brand is easily forgotten.  Your audience needs to be able to connect and relate through brand messaging, imagery and in Cargo’s case, a personal story. With furnishings and finds from all over the world, we are able to offer unique history behind each piece while developing a story around their travels. Continuity is built by a continued use of those key elements that create their overall identity.  The goal is to not only drive sales, but allow their market to connect on a personal level with the product and service.  The more relatable and trusted a brand becomes, the more sales will increase organically with a solid core customer base.