Do you have the chops to write an effective business blog?  The answer depends on your social networking goals and overall business plan.  helium creative fancies writing a blog or two that can enhance brand awareness, identity, social media presence or a strategic campaign.  We wanted to share some useful tools to writing a killer blog.
Loyal Fans – The main goal is to get repeat readers.  Consistent, unique content is key to gaining a loyal fan base.  Set a weekly or monthly schedule to post new content that will engage your readers and keep them tuned in.  Become the informational hub for topics of interest relating to your brand.
Engagement – Ask questions, use power words, keep your topics fresh and interesting.  Relate your blog to the reader and current events. Share through social media sites and watch the analytics to see what content is keeping your readers engaged either through link sharing, clicks or visits.
Conversions – Once you build a steady fan base with loyal followers, convert your readers into customers.  By making your blogs go viral, your potential client base increases exponentially.  Be the go-to service for their needs.  Relate the blog to your brand through keywords, then strategically incorporate links that will navigate the reader to various pages on your website.  Generate information and attention to your company without becoming a salesman.  No one likes having a product pushed on them.
A strong business blog needs continuous attention and nurturing.  helium dedicates daily attention to our blogs as well as our clients in order to see what is working and, of course, what needs improvement.  We know any maintained blog will achieve success.  helium will lend a hand and help evaluate and shape your blog ensure optimal results.  Remember to leave no stone unturned – a blog is a necessary component in successful strategic marketing. helium creative is here to help you develop effective blogs that will build your clientele and brand awareness.