Although we at helium creative may not have gone to Yale, that doesn’t mean we can’t stay up to date on their latest studies and advancements.  The psychology department at Yale University recently conducted a study of the English language that discovered which words reign supreme.  The value behind these words plays an integral role in marketing, advertising and design.  Knowing how to effectively communicate to the masses and what will grab their attention.  The top 10 most powerful words in the human language are:
1. You – The most valuable player in each study reviewed. Due to the personal nature of advertising copywriting, using “you” in a headline or opening line has shown to draw the right attention. helium creative has found that many copywriters will in fact throw out a headline that does not have “you” in it.
2. Results – It is the primarily what your client or audience wants to know.
3. Health – Proven especially powerful when in the context of health.
4. Guarantee – “Guarantees” a sense of safety when purchasing, especially on an e-commerce website.
5. Discover – Evoke a sense of excitement and intrigue when using this word.
6. Love – An all-time favorite that goes straight for the heart strings and adds value to your campaign, advertisement or marketing material through emotion.
7. Proven – A word “proven” to add a sense of trust and comfort, especially when urging a consumer to try a new product.
8. Safety – This could refer to health or long-lasting quality.  Your market should always feel a sense of safety and security with your brand or product.
9. Save – Who doesn’t want to save?
10. New – It is within our innate human nature to seek out fresh, new ideas and products to make life easier and more enjoyable.
We may not be Yale grads, but helium loves to discover new ideas and techniques that have proven results, guaranteeing that you get the best service available!  (Not too shabby, 7 out of 10 power-words in one sentence!)