Back in October, the helium team took a field trip to wonderland. What is wonderland, you ask? Just a little place known as 1 Hotel South Beach.
We recently started working with 1 Hotel South Beach on a few branding projects that will be unveiled later this year. In order to truly understand what the customer would experience, we wanted to spend a day + a night walking in their shoes. So planned a weekend where all 4 of us would head down to South Beach and live the SoBe life.
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The arrival at 1 Hotel is already to die for. Luscious plants and natural wood welcome you to nature-inspired feast for the eyes. If it were up to us, we could just spend the day in the lobby. We’d be those people, sleeping on the lobby couches. LOL
Every corner we turned was a photo-worthy corner. We only spent 1 night at the hotel, but somehow ended up with over 150 pictures. That’s just how awesome this hotel is. It’s heaven for us plant + design lovers, where every inch of space has been carefully curated to create the utmost experience for the visitor.
img_4802 img_4819 img_9231img_9222
In our day-to-day work, we create brand experiences for our clients. So, for us to able to step into somebody else’s carefully crafted experience filled us with inspiration and light. It’s a reminder of why we do what we do as a branding studio.
img_9233 img_4833 img_9243 img_9234
You can tell that every detail at 1 Hotel has a little bit [or a lot] of love for life carved into its conception. Let it be the love for our planet with their sustainably sourced materials, healthy plant life or love for the visual arts with cool art installations sprinkled throughout the floors – we couldn’t help smiling.
img_4890 img_4799img_9224img_4865
As designers, creatives, and artists – these short staycations fuel us with inspiration we get to pour into future design + branding projects. It’s important to go out there and not only see what others are doing, but to see how you react to it. How it makes you feel, so that you can think of how you want to make others feel with your work.
img_9296 img_9286
We couldn’t leave the hotel without jumping on the beds – helium style.
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