We are excited when a new branding project crosses our path. Our passion here at helium creative is creating an engaging, cohesive and immersive experience for businesses and their clients. The relationships that emerge around successful brands create a tribe of people marching to the same beat; these connections are a component of what gives life substance.

There are countless elements that make up a brand. Identity, language, website design, color and voice are several focus points we work with to support the overall brand experience.


We meet with the client at our studio for a discovery session. The goal is to get as much information as we can, and shed a new perspective on their brand. Through storytelling, rapid fire Q+A, much needed coffee and not-so-needed pastries, we begin to gain an understanding of what the client wants to convey. These few initial hours set the foundation for our research and future positioning of the company.

Our team then works together to build a Character Board. We sift through a ghastly amount of magazines, Pinterest, design blogs, tactile products and materials to begin shaping an overall feel for the brand character. Who does the brand look like? What do they feel like? Design inspiration, celebrity photos, random findings and keywords begin to collage our wall and define a style, feel and face.


After defining the brand, finding a few celebrity faces to give life, and narrowing down design inspiration, we hit the basics. This includes sketching out concepts for logo marks that could represent the brand along with weeks of fine-tuning the voice and OCDing on typography and pixel pushing, resulting in some awesome initial designs.

After the final logo mark is selected, we pull color palettes from our Character Board. Hues that meet our set objectives, brand positioning and character.

3021HEL_CaseStudy_5Once the process of laying the brand foundation is complete, we implement the newly developed look and feel into all materials.  We create a Brand Book that defines and gathers typography usage, logo usage, tone, style, brand voice + language, photography guidelines, and final positioning statement. This book is utilized as a guideline to create all additional supporting brand materials. Website design, stationery packaging, signage, collateral, print advertisement concepts and brochures are a few materials that will continue to communicate the brand.

Upon the completion of a brand development project, the Brand Book serves as a reference to ensure accurate implementation and representation of the brand we have created with the client, who at this point is our latest bff. We have given life to their business; essentially creating a character that enables them to connect with consumers that will benefit from their service or product.

We would love to help you create an authentic brand that develops meaningful relationships. Drop us a line at [email protected] to discuss your project.