Our friend and officemate artist Chuck Fischer has packed his paintbrushes and moved to a new workspace [a few doors down] — leaving helium studio 107 all to our lonesome.
That means more room to create, to conceptualize, to play with computers and make art that your brand loves to love.  So although we may be honing our interior design skills for the next few weeks, fear not – this cross contamination of design and other art mediums only lends itself to putting our creative minds in overdrive.
With all the great developments keeping us on our toes, it was inevitable that our services would expand.  We have always utilized our strategic partnerships in order to truly be a one-stop shop design and marketing boutique, offering our client base all advertising and design solutions necessary to place your brand at the top of the corporate food chain.
The core of what we do lies within our love for conceptualizing and creating a brand.  Brand development isn’t just about color schemes and graphics at helium creative. It’s about understanding that no fundamental element can be overlooked when articulating an idea. It’s a way of thinking about every client and fulfilling each goal though effective and innovative visual communication.
Our creative and web teams posses the expertise and vision to ensure an effective and user-friendly, customized site that will exceed your goals and increase your web presence.
INTERACTIVE [iPad, iPhone and mobile app development]
iPhone and iPad app development is equally as important as having a website.  Apps are lucrative tools that drive sales as well as entertain an audience. Interactive technology, including books, games, sales or promotional tools, is a key component in continued success.
It is our job to provide you with every means possible to showcase your business in the most progressive methods to date.  Photorealistic 3D renderings turn any 2D drawing into an interactive virtual experience with full 360 degree viewing capabilities and fly thrus.
helium’s search engine optimization [SEO] team will analyze your current web presence and search engine position, then create a strategy based on set objectives to ensure increased natural optimization rankings in all search engines.
When it comes to media, helium creative strives to present clients with a competitive advantage through strategic media planning and buying. Media campaigns that heighten brand awareness drive product sales.
helium exhausts every possible resource and explores all options when developing a cohesive marketing plan to meet goals and objectives. Our methods are fresh and sometimes unconventional – but always effective.
The focus of public relations at helium creative is to provide proactive, result-oriented solutions while reaching the client’s target market.  Services include multi-faceted media messaging, event planning and community, government and consumer relations.
Implementing social media marketing alongside traditional efforts can result in increased web traffic, increased sales, customer retention and general good press for a company or brand.
We are filling that design bubble with helium standards so high it is expanding just as nicely as we are!