This week we have been deep in the process of developing a cool and creative brand for a new client from logo concepts to an identity package that is going to blow them away, we like to say that we have been “flexing our creative muscles”. Anyways, we are now considering how to have the various pieces printed; in the world of print there are endless options and combinations, you could opt for digital, lithographic, thermal, die cut, foil, metalic ink, embossing. But something we are seeing more and more recently stuck out to us, and fit the brand so perfectly.
What is letterpress you ask? Letterpress is defined as a process of ‘relief’ printing text and image using a ‘type-high bed’ press and movable type, where a reversed and raised surface is inked and then pressed into paper to obtain a positive right-reading image. It may sound like a mouthful, but it creates the most beautiful pieces with a texture and feel that you cannot get any other way. While it has it’s limitations the product you are left with is definitely worth any limitation. Check out these amazing examples and keep an eye out on our Facebook page to see what we do for our client!