March 15, 2012
we are environmentally inspired.

A recent trip to Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico inspired helium to look at our natural and culturally influenced environment to find inspiration for future projects and concepts. While exploring these three countries, we found inspiration in some of the most interesting places.  From caves in Mexico to the depths of the Caribbean sea and waterfalls in Jamaica.  As the creative bunch that we are, helium photographed many of these recent adventures to preserve the memory and transform it into inspiration for a later use.   Good ideas can come from a variety of places that range from the most common to the more often times overlooked.
It is our job as designers and creative people to bring you fresh ideas and solutions that offer a unique approach to the conventional design aesthetic.  What better place to look than the very world around us?  Entire color palettes, themes and concepts can be created, for example, simply by using a color story taken from the environment.  helium is always looking to find inspiration in even the most unlikely of places.  Nature has always been a primary source of our creative juices!  From the depths of the ocean to the leaves on trees, we always have our eyes peeled for new and interesting influences in our work.