So you’ve got the graphics. Photographs. Outlines. A killer vision for your website or campaign that is ready for execution. But what about the voice? Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words and a visual language can be well orchestrated.  But your body copy, headlines, pull quotes and messaging are the threads that weave your brand language together.
The way to create an instant connection with your audience sans verbal communication is through the use of copy. Whether it is strategically placed on packaging or supporting graphics on a website, the purpose of the written word boils down to persuasion, trust. and information. You want to educate your audience on the product – build trust with your audience – and persuade them that your company/product is what they want right now and their life just won’t be the same without it. The success of this connection depends on the use of a specific language, tone or what we like to call a “voice”. Developing the voice of a brand is essential, while maintaining that voice consistently throughout all text is crucial.
Here are some helpful tips you can use when writing your own copy:

  1. Follow the “3 C’s”  : Express your thoughts clearly, convincingly and be as compelling as possible
  2. ENTHUSIASM is the key! Who doesn’t like to be entertained? Engage your reader with interesting and energetic thoughts!
  3. Paint them a vibrant picture. Use imagery, words and phrases to create a vivid mental story.
  4. Build that trust! Make your reader feel comfortable by creating a conversation with them. You want to speak directly to them through your copy, making that connection.
  5. Don’t be an extremist – stay away from using terms such as “best, fastest, cheapest”.  You don’t want to make claims you cannot prove.
  6. Have a heart.  Show your readers that you are speaking from the heart, both honestly and sincerely.

Anyone can write copy – but not everyone can write effective copy that develops and maintains brand language.  We are now at that point where a mention of helium creative’s copywriting skills and brand language expertise are appropriately and shamelessly plugged into this blog!  Check out our website and Facebook page to get an idea of our “voice”. We’d love to hear yours 🙂