October 12, 2012
the importance of color in branding

Whether you are starting a new company and developing your brand identity from the ground up or looking to refresh and update your company’s image the first thing you will probably design is a logo. Logos are the foundation of a company’s identity package and will appear on everything from letterheads to business cards and even huge billboards. When developing brand identity, specifically a logo, details like color and how people perceive visual information are key. Shape and color are considered to be the two most important elements in creating a recognizable brand image. Color is a very subjective element as it evokes a different emotional response in each individual. These emotional triggers cause people to perceive color and connect with a brand differently.
We associate color with a number of things in our daily lives without even recognizing that we are doing it. And orange generate a taste connection with the color orange, a red or green apple will generate a taste connection with their respective colors. Scent associations are also connected to certain colors, like green and the smell of grass or lilac and floral scents. Certain colors are also associated with emotions, blue with loyalty and purple with royalty or spirituality.
Research shows that 60% of a purchase decision is based on a color association alone. Brands have been taking advantage of this fact for many years. Sometimes you will find the color applied not just to the logo but throughout the entire company. Take for example UPS, their trucks down to their signature uniforms are brown; they even use the word brown in their campaign slogan “what can brown do for you?”. Tiffany & Co. is known all over the world for their blue box/white ribbon and Target uses the color red wherever they can.
Any company should be cautious, however, as similar industries often use similar color palettes. For example many hotels and resorts will tend to lean towards soft blues with yellows and oranges. Somewhere like a ski lodge or resort may utilize cool blues and whites in their pallets. This is why careful consideration by a dedicated creative team is needed when developing your brand or even re-defining it. Our team at helium creative takes all this into consideration so that you don’t have to. We have a diverse portfolio of brands that showcases our consideration of color, scent associations and emotional triggers. Your logo and color palette are the first visual people will get of your company, and you want them to count!