February 27, 2014
something in the water

We are almost three full months into 2014 and my head won’t stop spinning. This year has already brought an unbelievable amount of change and new opportunity.  Don’t get me wrong – absolutely no complaints from this little Art Director. Constant, consistent evolution is a blessing that we are embracing with open arms.
It’s easy to get stuck in tunnel vision oblivion, losing sight of the big picture. And that big picture could very well be something worth checking out. When we are lost in the day-to-day routine of wake up + go to work + check emails + eat lunch + go home + pass out, the focus on seizing the day and making new opportunities somehow dissipates. It’s a pretty natural funk that often warrants a good kick-in-the-ass to wake up out of it.  I may be guilty of requiring a bit more than a kick. A sledgehammer may be necessary. Because [if I’m being perfectly honest] as amazing as change and growth are, they can also be uncomfortable. Routine may be mundane, but it is also familiar. Sometimes living in a safe haven of familiarity is more appealing than the great unknown. But like anything, once you start moving with the ebb and flow of life and let go of fear, the uncomfortable becomes comfortable.
And that’s when the good stuff really starts to happen.
In these few months, I have said farewell to an employee + welcomed two new employees + bid adieu to an intern + said hello to three new interns + flew to LA for a celebrity saturated awards show + got engaged on stage at said awards show [thanks Chris] + started a blog that will be launching next week + started house hunting + began the process of having kids + launched helium’s 10 year anniversary shindig + been investigating larger studio space for our growing team + fancying a slew of new business ventures that are making us all googly eyed.
All since January 1.
So where my head may be trying to catch up, my heart is extremely grateful. Change equals growth and this year has been filled with the kind of progress that makes me proud. That said, I may want to lock myself in a room and hide at times, but it’s nothing that a cookie and nap can’t fix.
helium creative has proven to be a catalyst for movement, for the kind of days that make me stop and think, “Is this really my life?” We all go through it. Our team is a strong family that is fortunate to experience this constant evolution together.