September 16, 2010
nyc – team helium meeting for iPad launch preparations

September 17th – Team helium meets with Chuck Fischer and the other supporting partners in preparation for the launch of our first interactive book app in NYC .  With the development of our first interactive app, A Christmas Carol,  well under way fine tuning of the marketing initiatives are being finalized.  Look for the official launch of helium creatives first Apple iPad book app in early November.
Chuck Fischer and helium creative have plans for 2 more apps to launch this year and many more to come in 2011~
Helium creative has positioned itself at the forefront of a new emerging and exciting design medium.  We look forward to where this takes us from here!  The possibilities for iPad apps are endless and with our creative experience and expertise the sky truly is the limit.  Our core values still remain in this new platform both in design and programming to ensure that we consistently set  “a higher creative standard”.
This would not have been possible without all of the hard work and efforts of our 50+ team.  Thank you to each and everyone who has been a part for making this possible!