July 11, 2012
levinson just love campaign

Levinson Jewelers has taken a big step recently in working with helium on the development of an equality campaign to support same sex marriage. It is a bold move for the Las Olas based jewelry boutique, but a much needed one at a time when the issue is of growing concern. We are unbelievably excited to be part of this movement and look forward to watching the billboards pop up on i95 and 595 along with future ads. Robin Levinson stated, “As I see it, love is like a piece of fine jewelry. Timeless, unique and looks equally beautiful on anyone.” As designers, it is rewarding to be part of something that contributes to a greater cause. The just love campaign is one of those projects that we are very proud to be a part of and anxious to see how it develops as the emphasis on equality becomes more prevalent in our society.