If you’re getting tired of digital conference calls, you’re not alone. Whenever helium sees a trend that is becoming oversaturated, our immediate instinct is to innovate ways to improve it. This ties right into our philosophy regarding every piece we create. We are not content to simply put together a brochure – we instead like to challenge ourselves to develop tight, concise pieces of visual and verbal storytelling. Websites are more than digital brochures – they are interactive windows into the experience and emotions of a brand. The same is possible for digital meetings and events.

Traditionally, we think of online conferencing as video-enabled phone calls. While this is true to a point, it only scratches the surface of what the technology allows. Video conferencing can work very much like a television episode, complete with scripted voiceovers, optimized recordings and visuals, collaborative content recorded from specific locations. Some of our real estate clients have tapped into video technology through our augmented reality offerings – property walkthroughs, location fly-overs, day-to-night transitions – all can happen in first-person perspective just like a prospect who would normally tour a sales gallery. While some of these presentations were originally created to support sales efforts during social distancing, clients have quickly realized how useful these tools are for cultivating leads with international audiences.

Other clients are learning how to navigate social media in more exciting ways. Episodic offerings are gaining new fans and followers. People are connecting with brands in ways that forge strong and lasting relationships. Company and brand personalities are shining through thanks to quality production value and a willingness to explore new opportunities.

Digital has been the “next” frontier for marketing and branding for some time. These days, however, it is becoming the “now” frontier – and helium is happy to help you take advantage of everything modern-day digital has to offer.