March 2, 2011
iPad 2 – even better for application developers

The helium team is ecstatic to hear the announcement of Apples release of the iPad 2.  Besides the changes to appearance, cameras and built in apps, what really excites us is the processor.  The dual-core A5 chip means the iPad can do twice the work at once. Apps load faster, run smoother and perform better.
With these improvements, what was already a great platform for apps has gotten even better!  Our iPad application development team can push the envelope even further now and really take advantage of our cutting edge ideas and programming. Our technologically and creatively advanced developer team for iPad places emphasis on detail, originality and overall quality.  The main goal in app development is to make your brand stand out amongst the crowd and deliver your branded message affectively through your app.
Whether your app is to geared towards selling luxury real estate on a remote island, an interactive book, a sales tool, a mobile catalog or game the new iPad 2 is geared to improving any apps performance and helium creative is here as the developer to turn to.  [read more]
Hire the helium iPad developer teamto make your app a cut above the rest. [request more information]
iPad 2