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August 2, 2013
inspirational friday

We started doing pick-me-up, end of the week powwow’s coined “Inspirational Friday” at our studio. What may at first seem like a semi cult-like gathering became a great way for the helium team to join together at the end of each week and discuss the stuff that gets us up each morning.  One of our team members leads a discussion about a subject relevant to design. It can be anything from color, technique or methodology to more abstract topics like passion or innovation. So for that hour we put our little macs to rest, eat some grub and have an open discussion about something we can all relate to and learn from.
It all sounds a little too kumbaya, huh? Little designers, not working, holding hands and talking about art.
Well it is.
BUT there’s more.  There is actually a point to Inspirational Friday that can be noted and applied. Here they are:
Team building: A connected team is a productive team. We are stronger as a unit rather than individually. Sure we all have our strengths and assets, but the more we relate to each other + work in sync + are on the same page + laugh at the same stupid jokes [generally made by me…still working on getting everyone to actually laugh at those], the better we are collectively.
Legit Freshness: That’s right. Legit Freshness. Keepin’ it real. Things get old quick and the rapid onset of stale, stinkin’ design can creep its way in. Inspirational Friday is a great way for us to talk about current design applications, advancements, trends, facts…articles, blogs or videos that offer some freshnesssssssss. Creatives are always looking for the next best thing, wanting to push themselves further and further. This open dialogue helps us to do just that, along with a unique perspective from each team member contributing to the topic.
fun. : No, not the band, although they are often playing on our Pandora station. An entire week of sitting at a computer – working on deadlines [listening to my lame jokes] can easily turn an eager designer into a sad little designer. Taking an hour out of our Friday to just unwind and discuss something we are all passionate about helps break up the blah blah and keep us alive.
edumacation: It’s been awhile since I was in school. Well not that long, I was a late bloomer [no need to discuss 🙂]. There is always a fear after leaving school that the education stops, that we are now designers and we should divide + conquer. Such as with life, we can never stop learning. The desire to fill these shiny minds with knowledge to better our craft is ever growing. Inspirational Friday is another avenue to offer weekly education, an opportunity for us each to benefit and ideally grow a little bit more together. We have the chance to learn a new software, a new tool, watch a designer lecture on Vimeo — then ultimately apply it to our day to day.
So there it is. Inspirational Friday. Now you know what helium is doing from 12 -1 on Friday afternoons. Because at the end of the day, a connected + educated team adds value and strength to a company. And a strong company gives great work to their client. And we love happy clients 🙂