August 27, 2012
if for only one day [fat village was changed]

The word community can have several meanings and differ from person to person.  We define a community as a group of people who live or work together, each with one unified common goal.
Enter Better Block
The June 16 event proved to be the epitome of “community”, with neighbors and friends joining forces to improve upon our neighborhood in FAT Village.  The overall goal:  To build a better block.
Spearheaded by environmental living and planning firm, Cadence, the event proved successful as countless volunteers donated their time and efforts to paint buildings, clean the street and landscape. Pop up shops were set up along with a community garden, dog park, art galleries and food trucks.
Most importantly, awareness was raised for FAT Village, demonstrating the positive impact that can be made when a community bands together to make a difference in their surrounding environment.
Click on the image below to check out a short video of Better Block FTL. filmed by C&I Studios who donated their time and creativity for the event.