October 20, 2017
helium's Latest Real Estate Teaser Marketing Campaign // Akoya

Akoya, a luxury condominium project located on the grounds of the prestigious Boca West Country Club, became a first for helium. The first time this 13-year-old Fort Lauderdale branding studio had the opportunity to develop a new brand and marketing campaign for a real estate development project nestled among neatly manicured golf courses, championship tennis courts, and multimillion dollar clubhouses. We’ve done beach and we’ve done city, but now we conquered luxury country club living.
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Back in April, we headed over to Boca West Country Club to tour not only the construction site and sales gallery, but also the clubhouses and country club grounds. It’s important for us to get an understanding of what future condo buyers will be experiencing in their day-to-day life. The country club was super inspiring with its lush landscape, earthy color palette, and beautiful patterns [even the locker rooms were inspiring!].
Boca West Country Clubcountry club
We also took out our drone to see the grounds from a different perspective. It’s one thing to be standing on these championship golf courses, but to see the building with all the hills and foliage in the foreground from 100’ in the air is a completely different experience. With Akoya, we really had the chance to use our drone photography and videography skills to showcase a property that is much more than just the condo building itself.
drone photography condo building
After a good Discovery Session + great imagery gathered, we were off to conceptualizing what the new Akoya story would be. Same building, same target audience, same developer team – new way of communicating their story. We started by developing their language – one of simple elegance. The logo was given a good tweak to make it more representative of a sophisticated lifestyle. We also incorporated a geometric pattern, an icon, and used a daring color palette to truly showcase Akoya as an iconic real estate project.
geometric pattern
new logo
First order of business was creating the most needed real estate marketing staples // floorplans, registration forms, website, brochure, print advertising, and email marketing to name a few. We recommended rolling out a robust teaser campaign for the website, brochure, and real estate advertising campaign while work began on a longer list of new renderings.
We used some of those drone shots taken during our discovery trip to create a handful of stunning exterior renderings showcasing the property grounds. We also coordinated a lifestyle photoshoot that highlighted a multi-generational family and a day-in-the-life of an Akoya resident and an architectural photoshoot of the newly unveiled $50 million clubhouse addition. All of these assets helped us tell the Akoya story at the launch of the teaser campaign.
print advertisingreal estate marketingbrochure website email marketing
Teaser campaigns set the tone of the brand + drive the design for the entire project. While creating a full launch campaign can take months, teaser campaigns can be put together rather quickly and accomplish the goal of creating brand awareness in a cohesive manner. With minimal collateral, a company can begin communicating their promise without sending mixed messages. For Akoya, this also give the sales team time to adjust to what their brand looks and sounds like, enabling them to better communicate this with potential buyers and brokers.
We’re excited to see where the full launch campaign for Akoya Boca West Country Club will take us creatively. Check out their teaser site HERE and keep an eye on what’s coming next for this really cool client!
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