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March 7, 2013
#heliumcreative365 challenge


To bring in  our 10th year of business in 2014, we have been working on a year-long project that encourages the community to be creative by utilizing one common object: a balloon.  The #heliumcreative365 challenge came about January 1, 2013 and has been a daily ritual since.  We began photographing the balloon internally once a day – either in various forms, in different locations, with clients.  The goal was to challenge ourselves to be creative with our helium balloon, the icon of our studio, for an entire year.  But that can get old.  Like any artist, we wanted to push it a bit further.  We are all about inspiring others to be creative, so we opened the project up to the Instagramers of Fort Lauderdale and it snowballed from there.  We give each participant a helium creative balloon and assign them a day to photograph it.  The sky is the limit after that.  They can burn it, rip it, fill it, repurpose it. The collection of photographs will be displayed in their studio as well as printed in a book once the 365 photos are completed.  So far we have had some really great submissions – and look forward to see how the project develops!
If you are interested in joining the #heliumcreative365 challenge and want to find out more details, check out or stop by our studio to pick up your balloon and day!