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Port 32 is a marina collection based out of South Carolina with locations across the United States. Originally named Atlantic Marina Holdings, they came to us to rebrand their company as they planned to expand exponentially. They wanted to hit the market with a sleek new brand that spoke about luxury and impeccable service.

The name, Port 32, was inspired by the longitude and latitude coordinates of their headquarters in Charleston. From there, the nautical-inspired colors drove the look + feel of the brand. Our goal was to break the mold of what a marina brand should look like. We wanted a marina that stood out against the rest and was memorable. A culture you just want to be part of.




Port 32’s brand is knowledgeable, yet approachable. It conveys both the serene aspects of an aquatic life and the mark of a modern company rooted in state-of-the-art service.

mood board

The Port 32 brand is an elevated take on what we know as the classic nautical look. The known red, white + blue striped pattern so commonly associated with marine culture has been deconstructed to form the mood behind this brand. Strong lines, bars, and angles are paired with images of a good, relaxing time on the sea.



The Port 32 logo is a striking mark that balances both the modern and classic aspects of what a marina should offer: a contemporary service rooted in a classic industry.


The color palette is the perfect mix of nautical + modernity. The water inspired blues are contrasted by a bright coral to bring forth a contemporary palette that speaks of industry expertise.



In preparation for the brand launch, we designed secondary logos for each marina location, a full stationery package, dockhand + manager uniforms, merchandise, email newsletters, a flyer, splash pages for each marina, and a main Port 32 landing page.

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