Makers Air

an airline for the adventurer

The opportunity to brand an airline? Yes, please! When Watermakers Air, a private flight charter with service to the Bahamian Islands, approached us for a rebranding we were excited to say the least. After a blissful discovery trip to The Bahamas and renaming them to Makers Air [it was only the natural thing to do], we developed a brand that aimed to connect passengers to paradise by bringing back the abandon and discovery of flight.




Inspired by Makers Air’s flight routes over The Bahamas, the brand look and feel is as if you’ve taken a little piece of the geography and turned it into an airline.

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From the brightest blues you’ll ever see to cotton-like clouds on the horizon, and then into citrus-kissed sunsets - the colors and imagery used to represent this brand transport you right into paradise.



The Makers Air logo is a sophisticated mark that speaks of stability, confidence, and trust. The icon that accompanies the wordmark was inspired by both cloud and Bahamian ocean floor patterns and adds a sense of blissfulness to the logo. Overall, this mark is a testament to the brand’s roots and history.


The Makers Air color palette is inspired by the indescribable blues seen when flying over The Bahamas. White [inspired by the clouds seen from the airplane window] plays a big part in the palette as well. To root the brand as an established airline, a vibrant blue becomes the main color that ties the palette together.



Taken directly from the shape of the icon, the Makers Air pattern is romantic and fluid. The pattern can be transformed into different shapes or broken down into individual pieces to be used as icons.

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