Over the weekend, the helium team participated in the Salvation Army’s Most Amazing Race.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Salvation Army’s Most Amazing Race, let us fill you in. The Most Amazing Race is a scavenger hunt competition that takes place ALL over Fort Lauderdale each year to raise funds for the homeless in Broward County. Teams of two must raise $250 between them. During the event, racers go from challenge to challenge by bus, trolley, or foot. Once they arrive, they compete in a physical or mental challenge together. Upon completing the task, they’re given a clue as to where the next one is located.
This year there was a total of nine challenges spanning throughout the Fort Lauderdale area. All of the helium family participated in the race and we kicked butt! Not everyone finished and some of us even got some minor injuries [Carli] but every last one of us gave it our all : ) Casey and Palina earned some office bragging rights, being the first helium team to finish and coming in 4th place out of 17 teams that participated. We crunched the numbers and the teams who opted to run/jog/walk/crawl between each challenge covered 18+ miles. We’re just gonna go ahead and pat ourselves on the back a time or two for that : )
Huge thanks to The Salvation Army for putting on an awesome race and all of our donors for making it all possible. Although we definitely had a ‘run’ for our money, our teams certainly had fun!  : ) Check out some of the pics that we snagged before, after, and during The Most Amazing Race and head to our instagram to see a few videos of the action!
Here are more pictures for your eyes too see and have a half or two…
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