The helium balloon is quickly expanding!  Our long time partnership with renowned jewelry aficionado Levinson Jewelers has taken a well-deserved and much anticipated turn toward global domination!  The Las Olas based epicenter of style, luxury and timeless sophistication has taken a major step with helium creative in launching a globally accessible online store, website facelift, SEO driven national campaign, ipad app, iphone app, facebook store and social media advertising.  We are taking an ambitious and strategic approach in building the successfully grown Levinson brand, a well-respected, well-established company of nearly 30 years.
With an SEO supported, globally targeted online store, Levinson Jewelers has made a confident stride toward the next phase in business and helium creative is beside them every step of the way with our president Chris Heller acting as Creative Director, spearheading all marketing and creative endeavors.
The new Levinson website is comprised of a multitude of user-friendly features that cater directly to the client.  Living true to the Levinson name, the online store oozes with an abundance of fine jewelry, timepieces and accessories that can be conveniently placed in your shopping bag, on a customized wish list or shared through google, facebook, pintrest and email.   The addition of an interactive component that allows you to build and create a customized wedding band is another groundbreaking highlight featured on the site.
To push the unveiling of the Levinson site on the world, we have strategized with our SEO and social media team to create a strong online presence. Nationally targeted SEO keywords were created to promote the brand, as well as furthering the reach by focusing on their Facebook page and creating an extension of the main online store where fans can shop directly on the popular social media network.
helium conceptualized a nationally approached campaign that demonstrated the lifestyle of the Levinson consumer.  Coining the phrase, “Happiness is Finding What you Want, When you Want it”, we aim to convey the message that you can access Levinson wherever, whenever – the idea that luxury and classic style is now always within reach from the convenience of your ipad, iphone or computer.   Print ads and online banner ads in addition to billboards and social media advertisements have aided in building the campaign along with the supporting message helium devised,  “Anywhere.  Anytime.  Online now”.