ArtsGiving made its very first appearance last week. This crafty extravaganza is something we wanted to do as part of helium inspires, our 501c3 which supports kids in the arts.
We teamed up with Croissant Park Elementary, who partnered us with a 4th grade class in need of some art inspiration. A local craft supply store donated a ton of materials – markers, feathers, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, tissue paper and yarn. A big thanks to Fast Printz in Fort Lauderdale who donated paper.
Back in the Wonder Years when we were in elementary school, our art class had a contest that challenged students to make a turkey out of random materials. We wanted to bring that same challenge to Croissant Park Elementary. We packed supply bags for the kids and surprised them with ArtsGiving. There’s nothing like a room full of excited 4th graders at 9am in the morning! The energy, adorable innocence, and boundless creativity was contagious.
Elbow deep in glitter, pipe cleaners, feathers and glue, we each sat down with groups of kids to be their assistants. Once they got started, their imagination and creativity exploded. Much like the tub of glitter that took over the classroom. Sorry, Ms. Longever!
So what was the result? Nothing short of artistic greatness and insanity.
A few highlights included:
Alien Turkey
Disco Turkey [with a full dance routine]
4-Eyed Turkey
45ft-Tall Turkey, the now infamous Mr. Baked Turkey, and a host of colorful friends.
The kids had a great time and we had a pretty awesome experience. It’s not often you get to travel back to elementary school and play like a 4th grader again. Most importantly we were able to bring in some creative inspiration to a school that is not able to have an arts program. We look forward to the next ArtsGiving – and maybe some more school events in the very near future.
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