October 10, 2012
french dining – sobe -la gloutonnerie

South Beach cuisine caters to an array of palates, and with restaurants born into existence weekly there is no doubt someone will find a place to quench their hunger quite easily.  Few of these venues, however, offer what only the die-hard foodies and true culinary savants desperately seek: The ultimate dining experience.  Cut to south of Fifth Street.  Enter La Gloutonnerie.  A classically rooted, upscale French restaurant with undeniably sleek modern influences in both cuisine and ambience. helium was brought on board to design and program a new responsive website while building their overall online presence.  We developed the site with a heavy social media integration, not only incorporating standard share capabilities, but creating internal engagement features that also feed into various social media platforms.  An interactive gallery allows users to like, comment and share their experience at La Gloutonnerie.
We’ve had the opportunity of not only tackling a new market, but tasting some pretty amazing food in the process!