December 22, 2015
Client Website Launch: Terranova

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest website design+ development project for Terranova! One of South Florida’s leading commercial real estate firms, Terranova owns, operates, and develops commercial properties in the most affluent districts in South Florida.
The challenge was to create a user-friendly website that could be updated frequently by the client without compromising the integrity of the original design. There was a lot of content to plan for so this was truly a right brain, left brain project that our designer, Kelly, and creative manager, Enid, collaborated on.
The Home Page showcases pictures of current feature properties and graphics from the latest blog posts which, given the nature of the business, need to change on a regular basis. The layout we designed ensures the front end user experience will always be the same even though the content may change. On the back end, Terranova can easily implement the updates. A fun little fly-out sidebar menu is what really makes us smile.
1_terrazas_home_mockup 2_terrazas_home_mockup
The Properties Page features a map view and a list view for exploring the company’s listings. A visitor can narrow their property search by location and listing type. Each listing can potentially have multiple sites available for lease so we organized all of the information into a nice, neat little chart. The site plan, flyers, and demographic information can all be downloaded from the listing page. The goal was to ensure the visitor had easy access to all of the property documents.
3_terranova_properties 4_terranova_property_detail
Terranova can also easily update the Trends Page, which is their blog, as well as the employment section of the Contact Page. We love the look and feel of the website; it creates an impactful impression, acts as an extension of the overall brand, and provides a straightforward, intuitive user experience.
Check out the site and let us know what you think by tagging @heliumcreative on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! 😉