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November 11, 2013
catalogs for days | and we love it :)

helium creative has been cranking out some pretty awesome Print pieces lately. October proved to be the month of catalogs, as we wrapped up the new Levinson Jewelers catalog, followed by InFlight Duty Free catalogs for American Airlines and Avianca Airlines. Our roots are in Print Design, so it is always a privilege to flex those muscles whenever we can [especially with such great clients]. Check out our portfolio to see additional Print pieces that we have recently created.
The Avianca catalog proved to be the most creatively driven. We conceptualized each section of the book as if it were from the perspective of a traveler going to a new city. We created identities for these people and asked ourselves, “What would be in this person’s travel bag if they were going to Bogota?” [Or Toronto, New York, etc.] The idea is that you can be anyone when you travel, create a new persona for yourself. So what are the essentials and how can we build from that? Each catalog section had it’s own traveler who was asking themself, “Who do I want to be today?” The result is a unique + engaging catalog that effectively sells product while telling a story.