August 19, 2014
a little tip from our creative director

I share a similar dilemma most creatives do, how do we utilize our talents best? It’s interesting to see how my vision of helium has shaped a growing family who has embraced it’s vision and ideals. My passion for creating a brand stems back to childhood days when I would draw out whole communities. Planning details as far down as the signs for the various businesses and community buildings. Light poles, where residences would be located and, of course, landscaping were all planned. It wasn’t just a sketch, it was a completely thought out experience.
This passion for architecture, landscape and urban design very easily could have been the path helium could have taken. Instead my creative passions shifted one day while sharing my creative dream of being an architect was met by the reality of mathematics being involved. What, how could this be? I fear math and quickly looked at other ways in which my passion for creating experiences could be used. 
Fast forward a few [well many] years and I’m living in south Florida with a vast collection of inspirations from travels and growing up in Lancaster, PA. My eclectic inspirations found their home while developing my newest dream and passion, helium creative. This was something where I could create every aspect of the experience.  I could decide which rules to follow, which ones to break and make our own along the way. From breaking the rules of using a lower case letter for our name, carving my own path in doing business together to the way in which we ultimately execute the brands we create.
In making the shift I was inspired by many brands, one most notably from the start I felt really mastered this complete experience. Of course I would be referring to Apple. Most recently Starbucks, who provide a cohesive experience through every detail. Some may be noticed and in most cases they go completely unnoticed. Whether aware of them or not they all combine to form the success of the brand.  The essence of the experience and the level of trust that cannot be matched. For many, these fine details seem unimportant, however are key to long term success.
My passion for these details from a young age, although shifted in their delivery, has provided an amazing platform from which the helium family has grown and evolved into a brand centric company. As we always say, brand is the foundation and once set, everything else is poised for greater success.  Whether brochure, website, ad campaign, app and anything in between, we have an established platform to create from.
My passion may have shifted from one design outlet to another, however this never changed my love for creating full brand experiences.