We’re smack-dab in the middle of the Florida summer and that is definitely coming through in our inspiration clippings for this month.
The word summer has a connotation of travel, adventure, and fun in the sun. It’s that transitional period when you want to cram so much activity into a few months before the autumn slumber comes along and then, before you know it, it’s the Holiday season. Summer is movement. Light. Laughs. Change. New beginnings.
When we put together the July inspiration mood board, we noticed these hidden summer messages came through in every image. Tons of travel inspo, natural light, and bright, neon goodness.
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A recent obsession for helium’s own Chris + Kelly is paddle boarding. So obsessed, their boards are now part of our daily office décor. [Isn’t it sweet the helium studio is only steps away from the beach?] From sunrise paddle boarding adventures in Fort Lauderdale to micro-island explorations in the Keys, there’s not an inch of water they can’t conquer atop of their boards. Wouldn’t be surprised if we soon start seeing ocean life design elements intertwined into future design projects.

It’s clear that although it’s crazy hot + humid in South Florida, we just can’t get enough of the heat. Images of fires and smoke clouds filled our Pinterest inspiration board, and although some might think it’s depressing, we actually think it’s cathartic. It’s always good to let go of what’s holding you down creatively and start afresh. Even if it all has to go up in smoke.


Plants and bursts of color, like these neon lights we’re seeing, seem to ALWAYS be on our mind. Palm fronds and monstera leaves seem to be everywhere nowadays in graphic + interior design, and even fashion. This lush, botanical inspiration has definitely seeped into many of our recent branding projects.
It’s not a surprise that travel deeply inspires us – even if it’s gazing at images of those amidst the journey.
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Last, but not least, we saw many appearances of writing, in a variety of forms, pop-up in our July inspiration. Notebooks, pencils, pens, typewriters, quotes. Where writing is concerned, it seems we have some things to express through our upcoming designs.
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