Meet helium’s very own intern, Amanda. When asked to create a new blog post, she chose to write about those who inspire her. Keep reading to hear what she has to say.
It’s already been 2 months since I started my internship at helium creative and I can’t say anything else other than: LO V E  I T! When they asked me to help write a new blog post, I got nervous yet excited because I get to show the helium creative team what inspires me on a daily basis. Since checking Instagram is kind of a part of my everyday routine, I usually stumble upon new artists/designers’ accounts and can’t help myself but check them out. Two accounts that caught my attention right away were Lauren Hom [a.k.a @homsweethom] and Rowan Made [a.k.a Breanna Rose’s design agency @rowanmade]. It was one of those moments where I didn’t have to scroll down much for them to convince me to follow them. Their work was just beautiful and definitely my aesthetic!

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Lauren Hom became Insta-famous by finding a very innovative way to get her work noticed. She would hand letter signs in exchange for lunch in NYC from 2014 through 2015. Since then, she has gained 99k+ followers and has even had the opportunity to work with big companies such as Starbucks, Samuel Adams, and Tresemme. Her quirky and unexpected phrases are what differentiate her from other letterers out there. She’s honest, funny, and states her opinion through her lettering.

With Rowan Made, I hadn’t heard of them until I saw them on my Explore Tab on Instagram. They are a design studio founded by Breanna Rose, a graphic designer whose blog posts and logos are everything you can dream of: clean, simple, and just beautiful. She started her own business after graduating and realizing she wanted to expand beyond her own name.

She is dedicated to thoughtful design and authentic storytelling, which definitely shows throughout her work that is carefully designed to match the client + her style. Her delicate and elegant design aesthetic and color choices are what caught my attention right away and now can be found all over my Pinterest boards.

Prior to this whole social media craze, I learned about the amazing Jessica Hische in school [it’s like design 101]. She is the one that got me into trying calligraphy. I believe calligraphy adds such a refreshing and original touch to any work. Every time I fell into designer’s block, I would look up some of her work and get inspiration for school projects. Whether it was the calligraphy she created or the color combos she used, I was always able to grasp info and inspo from her. Even after her portfolio was once rejected by a community college, she never stopped making art. This led her to decide what career was the best for her: an illustrator. And eventually she started working for her idol, Louise Fili.

Even though these three powerful and creative women have similarities and differences in their style, they still pop-up on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds and I get motivated every day by their accomplishments. They remind me and have taught me to not be afraid of exploring new techniques, color choices, experiment with calligraphy, and keeping it classy, all this while still staying true to myself.

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