Mike iDiaz

Yes! I tried your typewriter about a year ago at art walk and a few weeks ago I bought a $7 typewriter from bargain barn in Miami, it’s amazing. I have been sending letters left and right with it, each word takes on more importance. Thanks again for the experience. It’s the small things that can make the biggest impact! 

Vanessa Wood

So I thought I was going to a “field trip” with the AIGA group… Little did I know, a whole new world of greatness opened up in front of my eyes when I entered the helium creative studio. This experience showed me that you can be happy to wake up every morning and go to work! The place is BEAUTIFUL, you guys are great, your work is incredible. Way to go helium team. Hope to see you again soon. Be blessed!

Ryan Mascarenhas

We are more than just a business. helium creative is a powerhouse comprised of unique individuals with the drive and creativity to change the way people perceive art, branding, and community outreach.

Brandon Lopera

helium has giving me the tools to inspire others by simply embracing and doing the things I love the most. I’m inspired to be a better man, and a better designer every day, for myself, my family and my team. 🙂

Shawn Aric Williams

From my very first step inside helium creative during Day of the Dead 2012 I was in love. The first thing I saw was your round business card which I immediately grabbed. As I looked around I was very inspired by the creative use of space. I have loved FATVillage ever since.