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New Client Introduction // Guy Harvey Outpost Club & Resort Collection

We recently started working on a new lifestyle real estate project nestled under the larger Guy Harvey brand. For us outdoor lovers, the world-renowned conservation advocate, marine scientist and acclaimed marine artist, Dr. Guy Harvey, is pretty much a legend.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 12.14.47 PM

The project known as the Guy Harvey Outpost Club & Resort Collection explores outdoor living from a unique luxury perspective through a collection of five-star RV resorts that will include top-notch RV lots + full clubhouse amenities + resort cottages. What a cool concept!

New Client Introduction // VistaBlue Singer Island

In July 2016 we were referred to the development team at VistaBlue Singer Island, a boutique luxury real estate project right on the water and already under construction, to tackle their branding needs. The task at hand was to take their existing marketing collateral and elevate them to match the caliber of their location minutes away from Palm Beach, Florida.

In evaluating the existing VistaBlue brand [website, sales gallery signage, renderings, stationery, brochure + logo] we decided a full overhaul was needed to truly communicate the uniqueness of the project and all it has to offer.



how teaser websites leave your audience wanting more

One of the key components to a successful brand development project is a company’s website. It represents the brand in the digital space and these days it seems like people spend more time online than in the real world. A website is often the first impression you make with a potential client. And as we all know, you need to make a great first impression. One that makes an impact, accurately reflecting your brand and compelling the visitor to investigate more or even better, make contact.



helium’s Thoughts On Web Design


We don’t have to tell you that a company’s web presence is paramount. It’s often the first time someone “meets” a brand. The initial impression should be simple, yet memorable. Kind of like a firm handshake and steady eye contact during an in-person introduction. We consider ourselves web design aficionados and thought we would start a conversation on what makes a great web experience.

When designing for web, small details make a bigger and better impact. This truly reflects how I engage with a site and will continue to explore. I enjoy searching and dissecting a website in hopes of discovering these subtle, yet significant details that developers add – whether it be as simple as how the navigation is approached to how the designer integrated the brand throughout. I particularly enjoy seeing an intentional use of design elements instead of adding all of the newest plugins and trends that are in the industry right now because it ‘looks’ cool.

A successful website is one that engages the user through an overall experience while meeting the goals and objectives set out. Naturally we think we want the most amazing [award-winning] website design. However, first and foremost, as with any marketing initiative the branded experience must be developed to align with the overall strategy. For example, is the website for informational purposes or converting sales of a product or service? Once our core objectives are set,  we can then set out to do what we love and design the proper experience.

I am a purist. I lean toward large visual storytelling, clean lines and super simple user navigation. Ease of user experience is the most important thing in web design, so there has to be a marriage between function and design. My favorite elements are the basics – scroll bar, arrows, browse icons, buttons. It is always interesting to see how a designer will approach these pieces because they can either be traditional, trendy or innovative. The classic scroll bar with a top and bottom arrow with a line that attaches the two points, versus an intuitive scrolling navigation that guides the user along without the use of a symbol for example. These little moments on a site is what makes the biggest difference. Not so much the bells and whistles that can often times muddle the user experience or quickly date a website. Parallax scrolling circa 2013.

What do you think makes great web design? We’d love to hear from you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. @heliumcreative


A Behind the Scenes Look at The Ocean Resort Residences Website Strategy


The website for The Ocean Resort Residences is one of the latest projects we have had the pleasure of developing and wanted to share the strategy and concepts that inspired our creation. The main overall objective was to create an immersive and engaging, fully responsive website that continues the unique branded experience of The Ocean Resort Residences. A secondary goal was to anchor its position as the best Resort Residence in Fort Lauderdale in order to generate sales leads, thereby increasing sales.

While designing the layout we kept in mind the fluid design principles that inspired acclaimed architect Michael Graves – the sinuous curves and sleek dimensions of yachts and ocean liners. To convey the luxurious lifestyle inherent of The Ocean brand and motivate a Canadian, Northeastern + South American audience to purchase at The Ocean we created a layout laden with large, beautiful, editorial-style imagery inspired by the ocean and the nautical lifestyle of Fort Lauderdale Beach, home to the cutting-edge property. Aspirational titles such as  “Heightened Experiences Await” and “Embark on the Exceptional” were layered over the imagery to reinforce the elevated messaging.

The Ocean Lifestyle Image 1



The photographs also highlight the unparalleled amenities including a pink sand roof-top sun-bathing area adjacent to a fresh-water heated pool with views of the Atlantic Ocean, a poolside restaurant and bar as well as a lush, oceanside living green serenity lounge.

ocean copy2

An innovative component of the site are the interactive floor plans created to offer a more comprehensive way for a buyer to visualize their residence. Visitors can click on a floor plan to zoom in so they clearly understand the layout of the unit and can choose to download a PDF of the details + specifications if so desired. Pictures of the view from various units are also available to enhance the virtual experience.

ocean copy

Not only is the client pleased with the results and site experience, but an immediate high Google ranking has contributed to an increase in search visibility and sales leads.

Take a look at The Ocean Fort Lauderdale website and let us know what you think! Also make sure to check out our portfolio!