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April Sights + Sounds

Here at the studio we’ve been busy creating brand identities, launching new websites into the world and organizing photoshoots [have you seen our latest blog?] Of course, in the background of all the work, we’ve been listening to some great music that we’re excited to share! So here it is: sights + sounds vol. III 

This is also the most fire playlist cover we’ve ever dropped. Just saying.

You can listen the full playlist on Spotify here

March Sights + Sounds

Sights + Sounds Volume II is here!  Take a look [and listen] at what’s inspiring us and getting our creativity going as we shift from winter to spring here in FTL.

Who are we kidding…it was never winter.

You can listen the full playlist on Spotify by clicking the album cover below. 

helium discusses hiring with Web Designer Magazine

With Summer just around the corner, many college students have started applying for internships at design studios all across the country. Many of them with similar questions:  What does it take to be a good candidate? What does an agency look for in my resume? What do I need to know?

We answered those questions [and many more] in an interview we did with Web Designer Magazine.  Take a look at this snippet where we talked about working here at helium.

February Sights + Sounds

There are many different things that inspire us as a team: people, design, color, music, creativity, conversations, food, and much more.  However, these things are no fun if we keep them all to ourselves. So here it is folks, the first iteration of helium Sights + Sounds. Each month, you’ll get a sneak peak into the music we’re blasting in the office and the many things that bring inspiration and joy to each of us.

Get ready, plug in your headph – err, connect your Airpods and listen with us. *full disclosure, Kelly made us put blink 182 on this.

You can listen the full playlist on Spotify by clicking the album cover below.