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A Very helium Easter

A few weeks ago the helium team jumped on a flight to Chris’ hometown – Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Home of the Amish and the capital of the United States for 1 day [there’s a fun history fact for you], over the course of Easter weekend, helium creative painted the town blue. 💙

An Inspired Staycation // 1 Hotel South Beach

Back in October, the helium team took a field trip to wonderland. What is wonderland, you ask? Just a little place known as 1 Hotel South Beach.


We recently started working with 1 Hotel South Beach on a few branding projects that will be unveiled later this year. In order to truly understand what the customer would experience, we wanted to spend a day + a night walking in their shoes. So planned a weekend where all 4 of us would head down to South Beach and live the SoBe life.