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falling headfirst into fall inspiration

If there’s one takeaway from our fall inspiration moodboard, it’s that we’re crushin’ hard on some neutral tones. Maybe it’s the unlikely [and welcomed] gloomy + windy weather we’ve been experiencing in South Florida. Maybe it’s daylight savings time, which has us watching the sunset from our office window. Or maybe we’re longing for the cozy holidays, but whatever the reason – we’re very into the neutrals right now.


what’s inspiring us this summer!

We were surprised to check the images we’d gathered for inspiration this summer and see two main themes: abstract curves + geometric shapes. The juxtaposition of what might seem like two separate avenues of inspiration turns out to pair as perfectly as peanut butter + jelly.


Images of ink swatches, agates, and macro texture shots filled our Pinterest inspiration board – and not surprisingly so. Although summer is usually a time to take it slow, the helium studio is bustling with projects for clients old and new. Amidst all that hard [but rewarding] work, it’s no surprise we gravitated towards more abstract images that calmed our busy minds. It’s our take on visual relaxation.





In between the abstract images, we also saw hints of very structured + geometric elements seep up through the cracks. Perhaps it’s subconscious hints of a future geometric logo to-be-designed or, maybe, we just can’t get enough of a geometric pattern.




Although August + September are the hottest months of the year on our side of the world, our most recent moodboard is full of cool tones. Blues, greys, and mints brought in an unexpected fall/winter inspired color palette. Maybe we’re like fashion designers – already thinking of the seasons ahead!




A quick look at our Instagram account and you can’t deny we sure love our plants. We might as well change our signature helium blue to green! The natural world inspires us day to day and having plants to gaze at while we work is, well, just dreamy. And, of course, a couple of those plant shots make to our Instagram where we like to share our daily inspiration with our loving community.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.49.10 PM

What imagery will inspire us in the upcoming months? We can’t wait to find out! Stay up to date on what’s happening at the studio on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @heliumcreative.

mid-year musings on inspiration

We are officially in the sixth month of the year, the halfway mark. How crazy is that?! We’ve been plugging away creating beautiful design work for our clients and there’s an amazing, top-secret brand development project that we can’t wait to show you. Soon. We also have a couple of new websites going live in the next week or so. Until then, we wanted to share what has been inspiring us.



What’s Inspiring Us: February Edition

As creatives we’re constantly saving visual references we find online, taking pictures or creating our own art. We wrote about feeding our creative monster a few weeks ago, so if you’d like to hear more about our inspiration process, check out that post.

This month our mood board has a water theme going on.




From watercolor walls to hot springs to the ocean, we have water on the brain. We are working with a couple clients whose branding marketing involves water so maybe we’re subconsciously brainstorming for their campaigns.


Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2007






Hand lettering always inspires us. Whether it’s loopy calligraphy or more rudimentary writing, hand lettering lends a human element that draws us into the design.




Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.58.53 PM


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.05.18 PM


Of course we had to include music in our inspiration – we listen to music all day in the studio. Astor Piazzolla is a famous Argentinean tango composer and musician and his live album The Central Park Concert is one of Enid’s favorites. She loves to listen to it while strategizing.

We are always saving inspirational quotes and self-help author Brene Brown’s statement about creativity is one of our favorites [the graphic is pretty awesome too]. “Creativity is straddling the tension, leaning into the discomfort, and finding your way through the dark.” It’s about making your own way, even though it may be uncomfortable and you’re unsure what others may think. If everyone colored inside the lines, the world would be pretty boring. We’re here to make it interesting!

Spending time in nature always invigorates us. Whether it’s on the water, in the woods or a park, nature’s beauty never ceases to amaze. Not only can natural elements inspire design, novel experiences also stimulate the brain creating new neural connections.








Spirals are a trending design element in architecture at the moment. We love the modern/rustic feel of the interior staircase on our mood board. Even better is one of Coconut Grove’s latest buildings – it’s amazing!


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.27.45 PM


The spiral staircase at the new Barney’s Chelsea flagship store is swoon worthy.




Love this shot of it by Nicole Cohen of Sketch 42.


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.02.42 PM


It’s amazing how the staircase perfectly mimics a nautilus shell.



The sculpture below looks like a wave and a nautilus shell had a baby.




It’ll be interesting to see if spiral elements start to appear in graphic design.

Thanks for checking out our inspiration this month. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, @heliumcreative, and let us know what’s inspiring you!