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Doing More at a Distance

We have been very fortunate that amidst various closures and social distancing orders, the helium team has been able to work remotely and stay well connected. In a lot of ways, we were already prepared for these measures since we routinely work in non-traditional settings when we do site visits to real estate and hospitality properties. While some of us are taking photos or meeting with owners and developers, the rest of the team stays in touch with email, chat, phone, and file sharing for things like sketches, mood boards, design comps, and preliminary concepts.

In many ways, collaborating at a distance is a very positive exercise. Often, it reveals new ideas that are completely without influence from someone sitting nearby. As well, it forces us to develop concepts and designs that don’t require a lot of explanation or convincing to resonate well with other people. If they can’t be easily summarized in an email or phone call, then that can be a signal to return to the drawing board and refine, enhance, or think in a new direction. We’re used to this style of working on various projects here and there… but then we took it next level by opening a second office in Baltimore. Now, long-range collaboration is a more integrated part of our everyday process… even before it became required for public safety.

Because we spend a lot of time working with seasonal markets, a few of our clients have asked us for suggestions on how to make the most of social distancing time. This is a great time to pursue internal projects that normally get pushed aside during busier periods. A website refresh can be a smart decision right now, not just because there’s time to finesse details but also because it gives you the tools to hit the ground running when normal business activities resume. Or, it could be that this is the optimal time to finally integrate e-commerce and capture online sales. Many of our clients are focusing on social media, and looking at ways to enrich engagement and foster deeper connections with audiences. Updated logos, revamped corporate branding, breaking into new media… all are great ways to ready your business for the future, and it’s all work that helium can execute remotely.  Downtime doesn’t have to be a downturn. It can be the dress rehearsal for your brand version 2.0.

New website for Natiivo

Inside the Tank: Conrad Beach Residence Branding Process

When approaching most things in life there is a methodology and the same goes for the helium creative branding process. In working with a new client the first step is to evaluate their current marketing materials, which includes anything with their name on it. From website, to business cards, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, etc. We brainstorm ideas to enhance the brand experience and identity while ensuring that the core values are visually communicated effectively.

Brainstorming Process


helium creative brainstorming session


Collaboration at helium creative


Conrad Beach Residences on Fort Lauderdale Beach is a client we are currently working with to clearly establish them as a purveyor of the simple luxuries in life; an idea that epitomizes the laidback lifestyle embraced by many in the city of Fort Lauderdale. A place where the pace is a bit slower, where people enjoy arriving at their favorite Intracoastal restaurant by boat, welcoming the feeling of the warm, wet, salty air caressing their skin. Mornings spent walking on the beach and lingering over coffee. This is Fort Lauderdale; where the simple moments are indulged rather than overlooked.


Fort Lauderdale Beach


Fort Lauderdale is a city very different than it’s close neighbor and competitor for the real estate dollar – Miami.  The hustle and bustle of Miami is for those who love the nightlife, to mix with the who’s who, to speed across Biscayne Bay in a cigarette boat; a faster, more vibrant, in your face kind of life. It was necessary to create a distinct identity for the Conrad Beach Residences so that consumer’s who value that type of lifestyle and property would naturally be attracted to it and want to invest in a beach residence.

Our understanding of Fort Lauderdale and the Conrad brand brought us to the simple luxuries concept.  We approach the design and creation of this brand experience in a way that is authentic and speaks volumes. It’s in the research, the playfulness, the collaboration, the encouragement of the team members to contribute their ideas and express themselves as creators, and most importantly the dedication to a higher standard.

Conrad Beach Residence Sales Brochure


Conrad Beach Residence Ad