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New Normal? Next Normal? What Does the Future Hold?

In uncertain times, one of the most common questions is “when will things go back to normal?” After many hurricane seasons in South Florida, we’ve gotten used to temporary interruptions in the way life and business works. This time around is different. We have power and air conditioning [thank heavens], but it’s the whole entire country that’s “hunkering.” The one certainty is that this crisis won’t last forever. What’s interesting is how things may look on the other side. As creatives, we’re hardwired to think about what’s possible more than simply what’s normal. And while these times have been [and continue to be] challenging, there are a lot of positive outcomes that could be possible on the horizon.

One of the most exciting is that businesses and brands may use this time off to reinvent themselves or refocus their marketing efforts in a new direction. It’s a really great moment to be working on a new website, for instance, as internal collaborators can access everything they need to remotely. And, because it’s a digital format, there are no delays associated with printing, delivery, mailing, or storage. When restrictions begin lifting, the curtain rises on a whole new online presence for your brand. It feels like a fresh start for everyone – and can be ideal for launching new products or services, or simply changing the attitude and stature of your brand.

Another view of the future may see a giant leap forward in digital engagement. Likes and follows may not matter as much as digital attendance for an online event. Along those lines, event marketing may take a dramatic shift to incorporate remote interactions into the overall experience. Overnight, we might see everyone become a bit more of an influencer because the lines between online and IRL will blur, or in some cases, completely vanish.

family time

Despite the drawbacks and challenges right now, many people are taking time to reconnect with the positive aspects of life – being with family, spending time outdoors, cooking, being creative, meditating, reading. It may just be that the next version of normal involves a priority shift for many people, which means brands will need to shift too. The cache of name-brand recognition may be based less on price and more on authenticity, safety, or relatability. People will be looking for new ways to travel in which space isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. What used to be extra conveniences like curbside pick up and delivery won’t simply vanish as restrictions lift; they will likely become substantial portions of businesses consumers expect across all retail industries.

Simply going “back to the way things were” is just one possibility. What if we could “go forward to something better?”


bringing a brand to life with marketing campaigns

When helium approaches a branding project we think about every aspect of the brand from identity to language to website design to marketing collateral + digital marketing. An all encompassing plan creating a cohesive image and consistent message, resulting in an impactful brand experience.

Every so often, when we meet a client for a discovery session we already have initial designs completed to show our perspective of the brand. What we think would best represent the client and resonate with their audience.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.59.40 AM

Each project is different, a blank canvas from which we create a tailored brand + beautiful marketing collateral.

Tips for Creating eblasts Your Audience Will Love

Not only does January mean planning how we will market ourselves for the year ahead, it also means looking back at what we put out there in the past year to see what content received the most engagement and how we can incorporate more of that success going forward. For example, at the end of every month we send out a helium eblast that shares what we’ve been up to. If you’re not receiving it, you should be, so sign up here as fast as you can [scroll to the bottom of the page]. You don’t want to miss another month!

Recently we spent some time analyzing the results of our email campaigns over the past year to see what juicy tidbits could be extracted and figured we’d share some effective strategies.

Variety is the spice of life, so we like to vary the content in our eblasts. Some month’s we give an inside peak into life at the studio, other times we share projects we’re working on or have completed, and we also like to highlight our clients. By mixing things up every month your audience will be more likely to open your message.


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.03.13 PM


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.11.40 PM


MailChimp is the handy service we use to deploy our email campaigns. They give us tons of data that makes us a little cross-eyed, but it’s extremely useful in figuring out what resonates with our audience.


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.55.36 AM


The way to tackle MailChimp data is to first identify the campaigns that had the highest open rates [how many subscribers opened the email]. The subject line with a higher open rate is clearly more interesting to your audience, so try and figure out what was appealing. Do they have anything in common or is it completely random?

Next, we look at the click rate and the clicks per unique opens. We like to look at the actual number of clicks as well. It helps to digest the data and make sense of it. The click rate tells you how many subscribers clicked in the email and the clicks per unique open reveals how many people who actually opened the message then clicked on the content. MailChimp not only lists the URLs that were clicked, but they also generate a visual map of where people clicked in the email. Categorizing the type of content included in your messaging will help to figure out what information interests your followers the most. It’s fun to move things around each month to see if placement effects engagement.

One thing we’ve realized is that sending emails more frequently does not necessarily increase the number of clicks in a campaign. It is important to decide on a schedule, whether it’s once a month or once a quarter, and stick to it. Consistency is key to developing a loyal following. Remember, content is king so be sure the overall subject matter is tailored to your audience. Our friend MailChimp gives the industry average for open rates and click rates, which lets you know how well your emails are received. We love this feature! The marketing + advertising industry average open rate is 12.2%. We’re proud to say our average open rate is almost twice the industry standard at 22%! Keys to our success are crafting intriguing subject lines, varying the content and consistently sending an eblast every month.

After analyzing the data from last year’s email campaigns we’ve recognized the type of content our audience engages with the most and will be sure to include more of that information going forward. Stay tuned for some snazzy helium eblasts! Let us know if you incorporate any of these tips into your email campaigns by tagging @heliumcreative on Instagram or Facebook.