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A Recipe for a helium Holiday!

When we sat down to plan this year’s holiday card, it seems, we were really hungry. Actually, what are we thinking? We’re always hungry.

When early November came around we knew we had to start brainstorming on how to top the previous year’s holiday card. As Kelly, Enid, and Amanda started to throw out ideas, they always came back to one concept: family holiday traditions. It doesn’t come as a surprise that food is a big part of what we all look forward to during the holiday season. The idea of a tin jar with weathered recipe cards passed down from grandma is the visual Kelly, Enid, and Amanda presented to Chris and Ryan…over lunch.

During a #heliumteam lunch, at a yummy Greek restaurant across the street from our branding agency, we shared ideas on how to give recipe cards a modern holiday twist and how they could be presented in a USPS mail-friendly package. And so, our holiday card idea was born // a recipe for a helium holiday!

holiday card

yay for the holiday!

The helium team has a confession to make this holiday season. We’re in love – with our holiday card. This is true love. The kind that makes you giddy and fluttery just by laying eyes on the object of your affection. We just can’t stop looking at our own holiday cards!


For 2016, we decided we’d dedicate our holiday card to a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts – our non-profit dedicated bringing art education back into the classroom, helium inspires. We wanted to share with our community just how cool helium inspires is and give them a token of inspiration by introducing the helium inspires coin project – a project dedicated to showing how inspiration is contagious.



A Very helium Holiday

What is a very helium holiday, you ask? It’s nonstop Christmas music, homemade peppermint sweet treats, a silver + blue-themed tree topped with Pee-wee Herman, and, of course, handcrafted greetings. We absolutely love the holiday cards Kelly designed for helium this year and thought you would enjoy a little behind the scenes peek at their creation.

Naturally, the process started with a some notebook doodling, which led to a sweet winter scene accompanied by a simple hand-written message. Kelly originally thought about hand-painting the scene on each card and then realized that was a whole lot of crazy. Luckily, Lumi.com makes great custom rubber stamps. With the whir of a scanner and a few quick clicks we had our very own holiday winter wonderland stamp AND an accompanying logo stamp.







Like a little elf, Kelly got to work assembling the components of each greeting card – a silver card base, topped with kraft card stock, and the final navy layer with the stamped design and messaging. To wrap it all up, each card was mailed out in a silver envelope with an appropriately themed snowflake postage stamp!





We just love creating thoughtful, handcrafted greetings!

The helium team wishes you and yours a very special Holiday.

Let us know if you love our cards as much as we do @heliumcreative on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!